An overconfident Xvart who bit off far more than he could chew.


Race: Xvart (Winged Template)
Class: Exoticist 1/Scout 1

Str: 11 (0)
Dex: 24 (+7)
Con: 13 (+1)
Int: 15 (+2)
Wis: 17 (+3)
Cha: 17 (+3)

Hit Points: 14 = 1d10+1d8 (10+2) + Con (2)
AC: 23 = 10 + Armor (4) + Dex (7) + Dodge (1) + Size (1)
Fort: _+4 = Base (3) + Con (1) _
Ref: +7 = Base (0) + Dex (7)
Will: +3 = Base (0) + Wis (3)
Speed: 10’ ground, 50’ Flying, Perfect Maneuverability

Skill Ranks:
Scout – 10 (x4 at 1st)
+4 Bluff, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Tumble
Exoticist – 4
+1 Jump, Move Silently, Spot, Tumble

Non-Attribute Skill Bonuses
+2 Balance = Tumble Synergy (2)
+4 Bluff = Ranks (4)
+4 Escape Artist = Ranks (4)
+8 Hide = Ranks (4) + Size (4)
+7 Jump = Ranks (5) + Tumble Synergy (2)
+4 Listen = Ranks (4)
+7 Move Silently = Ranks (5) + Racial (2)
+4 Search = Ranks (4)
+4 Sense Motive = Ranks (4)
+5 Spot = Ranks (5)
+7 Tumble = Ranks (5) + Jump Synergy (2)

Masterwork Elven Thinblade (Needle)
+13 = Dex (+7) + BAB (+1) + Charge (+2) + Elevation (+1) + Masterwork (+1) + Size Bonus (+1)
1d8+8 = Thinblade (1d8) + Dex (+7) + Masterwork (+1)

+1 Cold Resist Silkweave Armor
AC: 3 + 1
Max Dex: +7
Cold Resist 10

- Flaw: Ground Anathema (Sickened for 1d4 rounds if touching ground. -2 save vs. [Ground] Spells)
- Flaw: Gimped Leg (-20’ Land speed, -4 on secondary foot spike attack)
1st Gen: Acrobatic Skirmisher
1st Flw: Dodge
1st Flw: Diving Charge
2nd Exo: Weapon Finesse

Simple Weapons
Elven Thinblade, Braid Blade, Footspikes, Chatka
Light, Medium Armor
Commune With Animals (rats and bats) 1/day
Darkvision 60’
Skirmish +1d6


When he was young, Skee’s parents weren’t the brightest pair of Xvarts in the tribe. His mother, Kshee, dreamt of Skee flying through the air on bat-like wings as the tribe looked on in amazement. After that, she boasted about him, telling everyone about how he would be a warrior, and would lead his tribe in the great conquest. Before Skee had seen even a single winter, he tried to climb a tree and hang upside down like a bat, wrapping a cloak around himself. Xvarts aren’t known for their incredible endurance, so it was only a short while before Skee fell out of the tree, twisting his ankle badly. Because of this, Skee was absent for almost all of his adolescent training as a warrior of the tribe, and was trained in the fine arts of needlework and cooking. After several years, Skee recovered, but he was far to old for any of the elders to consider training him as a warrior. Determined to prove himself, Skee left his tribe to prove himself worthy of a warrior’s mantle.

After two days of tireless searching, Skee finally came upon an Elf lying near-death in the woods. The Elf was delirious, and thought Skee to be a friend. Skee approached him carefully with a crudely made spear. Before he could deliver the blow, Skee’s conscience couldn’t go through with it. He dropped his spear and assessed the Elf. The poor sylvan had a huge gash across his stomach and chest, and was already bleeding profusely. Skee fell to his knees, and remembering his needlework set to stitching up the wound. Once the initial shock had passed, the Elf came to his senses and began shouting in fear and pain. Startled, Skee stumbled forward before jumping up, driving his neddle through the stomach of the poor Elf. With a grimace of pain, the Elf stood and drew his longsword, advancing towards Skee. Skee snatched up his crude spear and waved it pathetically in the air. The Elf lurched forward with a downward cut, and Skee could do nothing but close his eyes and brace for death.

By some divine grace the Elf’s endurance ran out, and the sword dropped out of his hand, falling on Skee’s bald scalp and drawing a shallow line. The Elf’s limp body then plumetted through the air, landing squarely on Skee. It was several hours before he could extract himself, and by the time he got free, his hair, face, and torse were covered in drying Elf’s blood. When Skee returned to the village carrying the longsword of the slain Elf, the first to see him saw the scab on his head and the blood everywhere. The first scout then ran through the village shouting “Skee kills! Skee is elfsbane!”. After that day, Skee quickly learned how to spin a good story, earning him enough respect to recieve his warrior’s training. As he grew, the story slowly changed from a chance enounter, to an ambush, to an elf and his two compatriots raining arrows on the battle, and finally to an entire elf encampment. Skee’s head had swelled far to large for his own body.

While exploring a cave some ways out from the village, Skee and his party encountered an Earth Elemental. Needless to say, the elemental quickly decimated Skee’s party, and through sheer luck Skee managed to escape depper into the cave. He followed its twisting passages higher and higher into the mountain, until it opened up to a small altar with a strange metal device that shrieked as the wind blew across it. Emerging from the device was an air elemental named Viskaht, who made a bargain with Skee. For aid in destroying the earth elemental, Viskaht would give Skee the power of flight. With a short incantation, a line of pain traced around Skee’s back. A pair of bat’s wings unfurled themselves, prompting a toothy grin from Skee. He immediately took off, and before Viskaht could warn Skee about the penalty of the boon, he was shooting down the tunnels at maximum speed. With his newfound mobility, Skee could surely defeat the lumbering oaf.

Unfortunately, Skee paid for his hubris. As soon as Skee spotted the moving rocks, he charged. Skee’s wood spear shattered on the tough stones that made up the elemental’s body. Skee went skittering off its back, and a wave of nausea clouded his thoughts for just long enough for him to slam into the walls of the cave. When his head cleared, he had just enough time to look up and see the foot of the elemental turn Skee’s body and newfound wings into nothing more than a reddish blue smear on the floor of the cave.


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