Into the Afterlife

Catching Up
What you've done so far

After a busy meet and greet with your fellow party members, things only seemed to deteriorate from there. You all seemed to have awoken in a place that you do not recognize, and the place seems to be overrun with Undead. After a short scuffle with a Chain Devil, you made your way across the path of a lonely Drow who was kind enough to point you in the direction of the Meadow of Illusions, but not before explaining that his world was just recently assaulted by these harbingers of death. You continued on your path after he was swallowed back into the city from which you left. After some very clever maneuvering by Brander and some bumping around, you made your way to the Lady of the Meadows who shared with you a piece of valuable information, and some tea. Her cottage was soon compromised though, and that fight was very quick work thanks to Clayton. Upon finishing the tea, you discover that it was a portal. And that’s where we left you off last time.


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